Visit a Real Working Ostrich Farm ( No pets allowed)

NOTE: We will be closed to the public on Sunday, September 21st.
Fresh ostrich eggs are now available, please call first or email. Emails are answered at 5 pm.
Please see Sidebar for hours of operation and tour info. We are not able to have wheelchairs on the hay wagon.

Enjoy a fun & educational experience for everyone

White Rock Ostriches

Informative Public Tours

At the farm, we provide a fun and interesting learning experience for kids & adults of all ages. On your educational tour you can view ostrich chicks at one day old (after June 15th), feed the yearlings and say hello to our Rednecks, Bluenecks & African Black adult ostriches. Our tour guides are right there to answer all of your questions and make sure you know everything there is to know about ostriches.

Picnic Area & Gift Shop

We have a picnic area so you can bring a lunch for the kids or try an Ostrich Burger( out of Ostrich burgers till September September14th) on weekends. We also offer a variety of snacks, beverages and ice cream in our gift shop. Our gift shop showcases a wide selection of Ostrich related merchandise that includes our exclusive Ostrich leather line available with Purses, Cell phone cases, iPad cases, Mitts with fur trim, mens’ wallets and more.

We offer Birthday Parties, Seniors, Day Care Tours

Please book early as we only take one tour per day so there is enough time for everyone to enjoy the farm and gift shop. Email us at for prices as we like to customize tours geared to who will be visiting.
No tours offered in September or October during the week.