Fun Facts

Interesting Facts you may not know about Ostriches


Ostrich are members of the ratite family. There are three types of ostrich; the African black, the blue and the red.

Ostrich can live up to 70 years.

Ostrich can run 70 kilometers an hour (40mph) and maintain that speed for 15 minutes at a time.

Adult birds can weigh from 115-160kg (250-350lbs) and reach a height of 2-2.8meters (7-9 feet).

Ostrich have three pairs of eyelids, two toes and one toenail.

Ostrich eggs weigh 1.4-1.8kg (3-4lbs).. the equivalent of 2 dozen chicken eggs.

Eggs take 42 days to incubate.

Ostrich egg shells are very popular for use in art, crafts and jewellery.

Ostrich leather is the second strongest in the world and is very supple.

Ostrich feather plumes are used in costumes, crafts and for dusters.